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I like to write about things I love. It is with great love, that I write about my home in Westport.  It is one of the oldest buildings in Westport. Westport is a town at the west border of Kansas City, Missouri, stretching south from 39th Street to 47th Street. I try to present the history of Kansas City and its people as accurately as possible. My spelling and grammar often need fixing up, so frequent edits are made. I hope my writing and research will improve as I learn to be more patient and not so quick to publish everything I write every moment of the day.

 At first, I wasn’t sure if one very long story would be an appropriate format or if I should break the story up into short posts. I have determined to present my blog, the history of, My House The Trading Post, as a story in short posts. This is the first time the history of this property has been told in full. Brought together from books, scrolling through library maps, micro-fish, and old phone books, to remembering conversations with the elder neighbors (RIP), and tales from present day visitors.

The intended audience for this book, “My House The Trading Post, Its History,” are my friends and children, specifically, my grandson. The earlier items presented are more historically accurate. The information came directly from the history books. The historic nature of this property has not been officiated, but a line of communication has been established with the National Historic Registry Board.

Finally, I would like to thank all the followers of, My House The Trading Post. I am tickled to think someone else, besides me, enjoys the history of old houses. I have always liked old houses. Keep reading my Story; characters like Daniel Boone, Doc Holiday, Ernest Hemingway and others, will show up in the story, as they were frequent visitors of this house in its tavern days.



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