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The change of season may bring the blues, but the treasures within this house can almost always brighten my mood. In my bed cloths I move from room to room in this huge saloon from long ago. I carry a load of laundry through Bob’s law office. I get the load in the washer. I drop a quarter into the juke box. A 1954 Wurlitzer plays my selection, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” With no one in sight, I dance and sing along.

Not your traditional law office

Not your traditional law office

A 1954 Jukebox, left behind by, plays only 50's tunes.

A 1954 Jukebox, left behind by, plays only 50’s tunes.

It is interesting to consider which characters that may have passed through the doors of this Westport saloon, or inhabited an apartment upstairs.  I truly believe that Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson, and Daniel Boone have been here.

I am also convinced that Ernst Hemingway had a friend who lived here (The boy shown in the B&W picture of the tavern in 1909). The boy in the picture continued to live in this neighborhood until the age of 98. I share many of his stories in this blog.  I do not remember the fellow’s name and I am not aware of his exact death (sometime in late 1990’s). If the man says he was friends with Ernst Hemingway, I see no reason why he should lie. There were lots of authors that have lived in Kansas City, he only mentioned being friends with Ernst. It is that old man’s recollection of frontiersman like Masterson and Boone that I write about.

Not everything I post will be part of the book, “My House The Trading Post, Its History.” The audience for my book are my friends and children, specifically, my grandson. The earlier items I posted presented more historically accurate information directly from the history books. The historic nature of this property has not been officiated, but a line of communication has been established with the National Historic Registry Board.

I know for a fact that Bob Seiger, Robin Williams, Rick Spring=+#, BB King, and a song writer guy from ABBA, John Luke Pontic, Pee Wee Herman, One of the guys from ZZ Top, Bonnie Rate and Jackson Brown, to name a few that have been here to jam.  The last group of celebrities were brought here by my husband Bob, who is a musician when he isn’t practicing law. In fact, Bob claims that right after Jackson Brown jammed in the house, he wrote a hit song about a mean lawyer, shortly after his visit here. Bob says his time spent with Robin Williams the comedian, had him in hysterics; they visited the US Toy Store for Robin to get some props for his act (appearing at the Kansas City Comedy Club). There wasn’t an isle in the toy store that didn’t put Bob to tears. A private, rehearsed comedy routine, a memory trapped in Bob’s head.

My husband Bob, would like to be a full-time golfer, but practicing law pays the bills.  The celebrities Bob knows are still alive. I won’t be writing much about their time here, because such information could be incriminating since it was a different era when they partied here.

Bob Simons playing with Romantics, pictured on right

Bob Simons playing with Romantics, pictured on right

1900 Saloon

1900 Saloon

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